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Why advertise with us?

Bangladesh Tigers Cricket Club Web Portal is a Japan-based web setup reaching Bangladeshi community all over the world, and specifically Japan. It is a resource bank for Bangladeshis. We are proud to announce that we have a unique hit of a minimum 20,000 (twenty thousand) every month and is ever growing. Try your products through us.
It must be also mentioned that the users of our website spend a formidable amount of time once they are in it. Cause, it’s so handy and magnetic that many of our users use it as default homepage.

Advertisement Rates: Banner Ads:

Static or Animated: (Size 190x90px):
[ Location: Top Header ]
For 6 months (Six Months):
75,000 JPY
For 12 months (One Year):
140,000 JPY
Sample Size:


Static or Animated: (Size 145x80px):
[ Location: Left/Right Column ]
For 6 months (Six Months):
55,000 JPY
For 12 months (One Year):
100,000 JPY
Sample Size:


Banner Design:

The Banner Ad can be supplied to us in a ready-to-use format. But it should be noted that the Banner Ad strictly needs to conform to the assigned sizes mentioned earlier. However, our Graphic Designer can help you make your Ad Banner on a nominal payment of 5,000 JPY in excess of the Advertisement Fee. The Client is free to choose either of the two options.

Terms and Conditions:

• The BTCC HP Committee reserves the right to allow and/or disallow any Advertisement application.
• The Terms of the Contract signed by both parties should be strictly abided by both the interest groups, unless otherwise mentioned.
• The Client will have the right to withdraw their placement anytime during the Advertisement Posting.
• Full Payments are to be made prior to the posting of the Advertisement.
• The Advertiser will not claim any share of the Profit, whatsoever, from the Client at any time, except for the one-time payment.
• Payments will be made after the Contract is signed and approved by both Parties.
• No Refunds will be made available once the payments are done.
• Any other form of Advertisement Proposals can be settled through negotiation between two Parties.

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